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Obscure Glass patterns

A selection of the most popular glass patterns available by Pilkington glass
pilkington obscure glass patterns

Decorative Glass designs.

Pilkington Decorative Glass guide

Here you will find the most commonly used glass designs. This is useful when trying to decide on your selection as you can get an idea of the obscurity/privacy level of your chosen design with this really useful guide which is numbered, so the greater the number, the better level of Obscurity/privacy.


" If you cant see what it is your looking for, contact us and we will try to source the design of glass you require..."



What is energy efficient glass? and how can this help me. All of your questions and answers can be found on our link to the Energy Saving Trust
Call us today, and discover more on how we can help you save money on your energy bills just by installing energy efficient glass in your home.
We use A- rated glass as standard on all our new Window and Door installations.
Low 'E' Glass and its Benefits

Energy Efficient Glass

A rough guide on energy efficiency for your home


Argon filled self cleaning 4mm toughend glass activ anti-sun units warm edge spacers
energy efficent glass colour scale
Anti-sun Solar reflective Glass
Conservatories and glass roof installations are the most common areas for energy loss within the home, but thanks to new technology, glass roofs are now solar controlled and more energy efficient giving greater u-values which enables us to use these spaces throughout the year and is now widely used throughout the industry on new builds and large glass areas as it not only used in roof systems, but Bi-folding doors, Sliding doors and windows.

Solar Controlled Glass

Tinted glass for your comfort
various anti sun solar controlled glass tinted colours available
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